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Hello and welcome to Peace, Love, and Comics! I’m glad you’ve decided to come check out my site. A little bit about me, I’ve been reading comics my entire life. When I was younger, all I cared about was Power Rangers and superheroes. My dad used to record episodes of Spider-Man, Batman, Justice League, and X-Men every Saturday. I watched in awe as heroes like Wolverine, Gambit, Batman, Green Lantern, and Superman saved people and did what was right, no questions asked. As I got older, my love for them only grew. On Peace, Love, and Comics I focus on the positive side of comic culture. I address negative things as well in my writing but this community needs positivity. And I hope to be a source for that. I hope to be a calm, rational voice in this crazy culture.

I’m also a creator. My debut novel, Mystic Man is out and available for sale, and I’ll regularly post my short stories on the site. My universe is ever expanding and I want my readers to be a part of that.

If you ever want to get a hold of me there’s two ways. Follow me on Twitter @peacelovecomics. I tweet about everything so just be prepared to see a wide range of tweets from politics, sports, etc.. You’ll also see updates about upcoming reviews. I usually pin my most recent review on the top of my profile page as well.

The other way is email. If you have a serious question, a request for a review or article, want me to guest write for your blog or any other business related inquiry, you may email me. It’s heroreview120@gmail.comĀ 

Once again, thanks for checking out the site. It means a lot to me to be able to share my thoughts on comic books and everyday life with everyone. I’m not perfect by any means. Writing helps me realize my strengths as well as my flaws. Hopefully, as you read, I continue to grow, and you enjoy the content. So get reading!