Simon’s War (Part 1)

It’s 2019! And here on Peace, Love, and Comics I have some big plans. But, one thing that isn’t going to change is the continued building of the Mystic Man Universe. In late 2018, I began adding to this universe with short stories on here. I’ll link the novel below once again, but just like with all my stories, the novel isn’t a necessity.

In Sector 43, we met Melissa Johnson and Miles Orlando. Two amazing astronauts who got lost in space. In Project Element, billionaire Eli Little assembled a team of weirdos to help him save Earth. Today, we travel to a place known in our Milky Way Galaxy to learn about another group of people Mystic Man has affected.

Hopefully, you enjoy the story. This will be the longest one yet. Welcome….to Simon’s War.



Mystic Man is Isaac Eckspo. He has a plethora of powers including superhuman strength, durability, flight, energy projection, and teleportation. He can teleport to any place in our known universe. Everywhere except one.

The Crab Nebula is known amongst humanity. Long thought to be the remnants of a supernova, no one, not even Mystic Man, know what truly lies inside this beautiful space cloud.

Today, you will learn of a secret, powerful society within the Milky Way galaxy. One that has watched, grown, and flourished in the past thousand years. But as with all societies, they’ve reached a crossroads. A moment in time is upon them, and for the first time ever, witness the epic tale of a family divided. An empire in turmoil. And it all started with Mystic Man.




“We’re coming up on the fleet, mi lady.”

“Is that it? My, General Trope isn’t as powerful as legend suggests, is he?”

“It would appear so, mi lady.”

“Don’t give them a chance, Major Alstaine. Make them remember the Seleste Empire.”

And with that command, Queen Selene Seleste sat back in her chair and watched the fireworks. Every time she commanded a battle, it reminded her of when she was a little girl. Her father, King Simon Seleste I, used to take her to see stars erupt on the edge of the galaxy. It was beautiful, and something that made her feel comfort. Odd how the end of life did that for her. So much death, sadness involved in stars exploding. She cried the first time she saw it. But her father always reminded her that where one star exploded, another reached maturity. Where there was death, there was life.

Selene had to get out of her own thoughts however and focus on the task at hand. The battle started off shaky at first. Her fleet was the largest in the galaxy. Pilots from every corner of the universe made up her squad. They were the best and brightest around. But for a moment, General Trope and his barbaric minions had the upper hand. With each ship that exploded, Selene felt a bit of her soul diminish. She loved her people. Almost more than she loved herself. For over a century she reigned, and she could remember nearly every death since her first day as Queen. She loved watching the colors of battle, of death, but not battle itself. One by one, her fleet fell.

“Major,” she said. “Rally your men. Tell them to stop attacking Trope’s main ship head on. They’re smarter than that. Flank the left side where his defenses are weak. Take the bombers out first, then focus on the main guns.”

“Yes, mi lady.”

Alstaine was a good soldier. He immediately followed Selene’s orders and the fleet began moving accordingly. Within seconds, Trope’s bombers were defeated, and the fleet began working on the main guns. Trope’s ships were inferior to Selene’s of course, but their main gun posed a threat.

“Don’t let them charge that weapon,” Selene said.

“Their shields are still up, mi lady. We’re working on them.”

“Well work faster, Alstaine! If that weapon reaches full charge, we’ll be nothing but fairy tales.”

A loud explosion interrupted her. Her chair began shaking as well. She turned to see more of Trope’s men near the rear of their ship. Both herself and Trope had the same strategy. Take out the shields, disable the power weapon, board the ship. Selene didn’t know how close they were to disabling the ship, but the ship’s computer answered her question.

“Shields at fifty percent. Taking massive damage. Evacuate.”


“Working on it, mi lady. They had more ships than we anticipated.”

“Computer, engage cannon on the rear deck. Target all hostile ships.”

Selene’s commands were obeyed and the gun on the back of the ship began firing instantly. But Trope’s ships were too fast. They evaded the gun and landed a few more blasts to the main deck, which caused Selene’s command ship to shake again.

One ship turned and faced the main deck directly. Selene could see it from her chair.

The ship is going to ram me, she thought.

A ridiculous move. The shield on the main deck was the strongest in the galaxy. But this soldier didn’t care. He, or she, found it in their heart to commit suicide for their dumb leader Trope. The ship looked just like the rest of them. Small, brown and rounded, like some sort of beetle. As the ship got closer, Selene just laughed.

And then, an explosion. Just like that, the ship was gone.

Selene sat and watched as one of her soldiers flew past the main deck. She recognized the fighter. The only one like it in her fleet. It was Tom Fields Morris, the only human in the Seleste army. Tom was a good man, but an even better pilot. Even if he never knew when to stop talking.

“You like that, my lady?!” she heard Tom say over the radio. “Tom Morris, ace pilot reportin’ for a beatdown!”

“Focus, you fool,” Selene said sternly. Tom did as instructed and took out three more of Trope’s ships. His speed was impressive. More than impressive, it was legendary. As much as she hated to admit it, Tom Morris was one of the main reasons her empire still existed. Time and time again he proved himself. Time and time again he bested the fiercest, nastiest beasts in the galaxy. If only he would shut up.

“Mi lady, Trope’s shields are down.”

“Very good, Alstaine. Tom, take your best and destroy that gun.”

Tom Morris was moving faster than she could talk. The entire fleet blew Trope’s gun into pieces before she could finish her sentence.

“Shall we board the ship, mi lady?”

Selene thought about Alstaine’s question for a moment. It wasn’t a complex question. He was just asking for guidance, like a good soldier should. But Selene thought about her empire. What would happen should she let Trope and these imbeciles live? Another attack? Or maybe worse. Would other worlds see this as their chance, as their moment to seize the Seleste Empire? For centuries, it had been the most impenetrable place in the galaxy. Trope didn’t pose a huge threat to Selene, but she didn’t want this attack to encourage those who did. Perhaps the mighty Leeshans, or maybe those scholars on Magnuss. Even worse, Selene thought of the Tepquillians paying her a visit. No, she couldn’t afford exposing her people to any more battles, any more bloodshed.

“Destroy the ship, Alstaine. Leave no survivors.”

Selene felt a tingle go up her spine, she looked down at her skin to examine it. Light blue, as always, but she could see the tiny bumps beginning to appear. She felt an extreme sense of power in that moment. Protecting her people, preserving her legacy, it was all such a rush.

That rush culminated in utter joy as she watched Tom and the rest of her fleet dismantle Trope’s precious ship. Just as the ship reached its breaking point, Selene received a transmission request.

“It’s Trope, mi lady.”

Selene ordered her fleet to stop attacking the ship. And she allowed the request to go through.

In front of her, from her computer display, stood a bloodied, tired General Trope. An ugly specimen, just like all of his creatures from Yulshif. They looked like abnormally large crabs with hairy claws, and brown torsos. His eyes, well his one eye, one was missing, was small and black. Selene had to refrain from laughing. Trope began to speak. But it was a language Selene did not recognize.

“This beast bores me,” she said rubbing her hair. “Computer, translate.”

The translation of Trope’s words appeared on the screen.

I’ve always wanted to test the might of your mighty Seleste Empire. And I’m honored to have done so. But, you must listen. This attack was simply not out of lust for power. Something is out there. Something stronger than any gun our armies can make. We must stop the fighting now if we are to reign victorious.”

“What is this drivel, Alstaine? Get this beast off my screen.”

“Yes, mi lady,” Alstaine did as instructed and Trope was gone.

Selene requested to see the camera of the soldier who shot Trope. She watched as her men swiftly boarded the ship. Then, mercilessly, they killed Trope’s commanding officers. One by one, the gross crustaceans fell. When they got to Trope, he tried to plea, but one shot later and his brains were on the same screen where he tried to cry to Selene.

Nonsense. That’s all he was saying. Nothing but nonsense.

“Leave the ship, men. Let’s all go home.”

“Milk and cookies, boys! Milk and cookies!”

“Yes, Tom, I suppose. Milk and cookies,” Selene said.

Queen Selene sat back in her chair. A feeling of relief. She never doubted her fleet, but she was happy that it was over. And she was ecstatic to return home to Planet Seleste and see her three children. She would tell them of the battle, of Tom’s nonsense, and they would laugh. Sarah the most. And Sam would just sit there, thinking about whatever was on her mind. And Simon would listen, looking for some nugget of knowledge in his mother’s story. That was Simon. Always watching, learning, preparing to be King one day.

One day, Selene thought. But not today.

“Mi lady. I’m picking up some strange energy signals. Look over there.”

At first, Selene just wanted to scream at Alstaine. Trope was defeated, the battle was won. There was no reason for Alstaine to bother her now, unless his, or her, life was in imminent danger.

But when Selene got up from her chair, she realized that Alstaine was right to bother her. In the distance, she saw it too. Although she didn’t really know what it was. In essence it was nothing but a weird purple cloud circling around in the empty vacuum of space. It almost looked—alive. Selene felt the ship move suddenly.

“What’s happening, Alstaine?”

“I’m not sure. That energy, it’s—it’s pulling us in. I can’t get free.”

The purple cloud erupted and Selene saw something she had never seen before.

“How—my God. The shields are down. How is that possible.”

“You seeing this, Queen?” It was Tom over the radio.

“I am. Tom, tell your men to evacuate. Do not engage that purple energy.”

Tom without a doubt heard her. She could see his custom ship attempting to fly away. But it was so small compared to hers. And his ship was larger than the rest of the fleets. One by one, Queen Selene, of the Seleste Empire watched her soldiers fly into the purple cloud. She expected to see them explode. No question this was another attack. Trope must have made an alliance with one of the planets she was worried about. Yeah, that’s what was happening.

With each ship that got sucked into the cloud though, Selene realized she was wrong. This was something worse than petty planets and their starved generals. Whatever this was, she feared it was the end for her people. Their ship was starting to move faster now. The cloud’s energy was terrifying. But at the same time, calming. Engaging. Selene wanted nothing more than to see her children one last time. But at the same time, in that exact moment, she wanted to enter the cloud.

“What’s happening?” Alstaine asked.

“I haven’t the slightest clue,” Selene said. “But the Seleste Empire lives on.”

Alstaine beat his chest emphatically.

“Lives on.”




What happened to Selene and Alstaine? And how in the world does it tie to Mystic Man? Well, you’re just going to have to keep reading to figure it out. The Seleste Empire lives on. Lives on! Until next time, everybody. Peace, Love, and Comics.


Link to Mystic Man




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