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Hello, and welcome to a special post here on Peace, Love, and Comics. Today is my birthday and to celebrate, I thought I’d share something with you all from my upcoming book Mystic Man. The story follows failed scientist, Isaac Eckspo as he becomes the world’s greatest superhero. Here are the first couple pages of Mystic Man! I hope you enjoy it. Share it around and spread the word. The book will be available to buy and download on Amazon on May 25th of this year. Pre-Orders will be available soon. Enjoy!

-Toren Chenault



Chapter 1

Part 1- Humble Beginnings



Most people who have any common sense would tell you that the city of San Francisco is a beautiful place to live. From the bevy of sights to see along with some immaculate people, the majority enjoy the lively city. The only person who would rise against popular opinion would be Isaac Martin Eckspo. He had lived in the Bay area for thirteen years now. He was sitting at his desk one afternoon when there was a soft knock at his door. His body became jittery at the thought of it being someone who could help save his business. When his daughter Alisha walked in, he focused on his beautiful six-year-old and not the financial quagmire he was in.

“Hey daddy,” Alisha said. She grabbed her father’s notes from the week and began flipping through them. She was always grabbing things she had no business grabbing.  Isaac knew she had no idea what she was looking at, but he found it necessary to teach his daughter a lesson in respect.

“Baby girl what have I told you about looking at other people’s things?”

“Don’t do it,” Alisha said.

“So why are you looking through daddy’s things?”

“Mommy told me too. Says you hide things from us,” Alisha said. She smiled as hard as she could, trying to be as cute as she could too.

“Is that right? Well you tell mommy that going through people’s things isn’t nice,” as Isaac finished his sentence he picked up his daughter and began to run across the room making airplane noises. Alisha began to laugh uncontrollably and the two shared a couple of minutes of playful airplanes, tickling, and silly name calling. They were both on the couch when his wife Cynthia walked in. For a moment Isaac had to appreciate his Mexican wife. The outfit she was wearing showed off her voluptuous curves. Her long dark hair always looked as if she had come straight from a salon, even though she constantly reminded Isaac of how disgusting her hair was. What Isaac loved most about his wife however was her eyes. He never thought brown could look so majestic. Whenever he stared into her eyes he felt a sensation he knew that most men haven’t felt. And he felt it every time he looked at her. Didn’t matter if they were dressed up for a banquet, or she was laying in the bed on Saturday morning, her beauty was something that Isaac couldn’t describe. She looked mad right now, though. Not mad, more frustrated. It tended to be the dominant emotion in the Eckspo house recently. Still, Isaac couldn’t get over how gorgeous his wife looked.

“So, this is you hard at work huh?” Cynthia said as she walked into his office.

Isaac and Alisha abruptly stopped their tickling session to give Cynthia their full attention. Cynthia had that ability. No matter what someone was doing, when she spoke, people listened.

“Go play with your toys, baby girl,” Isaac said.

Alisha shrugged her shoulders and ran off making more airplane noises.

“How was shopping?” Isaac asked.

“You are supposed to be trying to find a solution to our problem and you’re in here playing,” Cynthia said.

After Isaac and Cynthia left college they decided to move out to San Francisco. The couple wanted to open a business that helped people explore the wonders of science. Neither of them knew what could be done to achieve their outlandish dreams, but one day Isaac had an idea. He planned on opening a business that was focused on increasing children’s and teen’s knowledge of science by letting them directly interact with it. He named the program Science Supreme. Isaac didn’t consider himself much of a scientist, that was Cynthia, but he was very crafty and invented tools all the time. Isaac’s dream was to show his inventions to youth all over the country and explain to them how science was used to make the invention. He’d even let the children explore his and Cynthia’s lab.

Over the years, while Cynthia was doing research she came across a unique element called Immobulum. She first discovered the element during a research trip she went on with her colleagues to China. Once she harvested the majority of the Immobulum, she was able to use it for Science Supreme. This element could be molded into almost anything and the possibilities of its uses were endless. For five years, Isaac and Cynthia used it to power their Science Supreme Center and to shape the majority of Isaac’s crafty inventions.

“I’m trying. Trust me, I have been contacting every person we know about Immobulum. Nothing is coming up,” Isaac said.

Cynthia sighed and then tried to put a smile on her face. Isaac tried to remember the last time his wife smiled and meant it.

“I’m sorry, guess this is all getting to me now. Our bank accounts are still frozen, and the government is always calling here asking for money,” she said.

Isaac sat up from his chair to console his wife. He didn’t know what to say to her, so he decided to embrace her as tightly as he could. She shook a bit when he first grabbed her. There was no way to tell if the shaking was from fear or because his office was always cold. Either way, the feeling of his wife’s body made him feel safe.

The couple shared a kiss. Then, Cynthia ran her hands across Isaac’s face.

“Some of the scars seemed to have healed,” she said.

Three years ago, while working on an experiment, Isaac severely injured his face when acid from an invention spilled directly onto his face. For months, he thought his face would never look the same. To hear his wife say he looked somewhat normal made him feel good.

Once they separated, Isaac went back on his computer. There was a long moment of silence before he talked again.

“Who’s been calling from the government?” he asked.

“He doesn’t say his name. He says the Pinnacle is going to keep taking money from us, unless we give them more Immobulum,” Cynthia said.

“Why don’t those idiots get it through their thick skulls that we don’t have any more!” Isaac ran his hand across the table and threw whatever papers and folders were on his desk, onto the ground. The noise prompted Alisha to come into the room with a worried look on her face.

“Daddy’s fine, baby girl. Now go play.”

Alisha left the room slowly.

“Calm down, Isaac. We don’t need you going into cardiac arrest,” Cynthia said.


He picked up the papers he had thrown off his desk and neatly placed them back.

“So, this man is from the Pinnacle huh?” Isaac asked.

Cynthia nodded.

“I’m going to pay them a visit. Hopefully get some answers on why they are harassing us,” he said.

“Do you need me to come?” Cynthia said.

“No. You need to stay here so you can watch Alisha. I won’t be gone long.”

For the next hour Isaac began packing his bags. He didn’t plan on being gone for longer than a couple of days, but he wasn’t sure the Pinnacle would take a meeting with him. The Pinnacle was a place that could eat a man alive, so he knew he was going to have to be stern and not take no for an answer.

While he was washing his face in the bathroom later that evening, he realized that he could be making a mistake. He knew the Pinnacle wouldn’t care to listen to a failed inventor, yet alone a black one, but he knew he had to try something to save his family. Isaac laid down in bed next to his wife. Her warmth comforted him. He embraced her as his thoughts began to race. Cynthia, without saying a word curled her body up against her husbands and let out a deep sigh. For the next couple of minutes, Isaac wasn’t worried about going to the Pinnacle at all.

“I love you,” he whispered. Cynthia didn’t say anything, but he knew she heard him. He always talked to her while she slept. Whether it was about his day, their financial situation, or what to get Alisha for her birthday, he always talked to her. He kissed her forehead softly before relaxing the muscles in his body. His head sank into the pillow. Within seconds, Isaac felt his eyes welling with tears. Images of him, Cynthia, and Alisha becoming homeless entered his mind. Alisha would still be playing with her toys as she always did. But he knew she wasn’t completely naïve. Questions of why they weren’t at their home would become frequent. Isaac could hardly contain his tears. Cynthia, as if she sensed his pain, turned to face him and kissed him on the cheek. But she didn’t say a word.

“I’ll fix this Cynthia. I will,” Isaac whispered. “I won’t let anything happen to you or Alisha. Without you two, I am nothing.”




Want more? Well, too bad! You’re going to have to wait and see how Isaac gets out of this mess or if he ever gets out of it. Hopefully, if your interested was peaked from the short story I wrote, this only enhanced your excitement for this story. We’re so close to the release and I can hardly wait. Until next time!

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