Civil War II #5 Review

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Civil War II issue number 5 took a while to hit book shelves, but it’s finally here. Civil War are two words I hate hearing, because the current state of our country, signal a civil war brewing. What I mean by that is the current relationship between the black community and police officers. It has ALWAYS been a messed up relationship, but social media has brought a lot of these issues into the light. Police brutality is a real thing and people refuse to be silent any longer. Incidents like the Dallas police shooting detract from the conversation, because our country is obsessed with picking sides based off of emotion. That’s fine, but only in sports and comic book events. Things that have real-life implications, require a ton of discourse about what needs to be done. Solutions then need to be executed after that discourse is had. After years of studying this topic and truly experiencing it, I am firmly behind black people in the fight against racism. I don’t tolerate any person that spews racist garbage for the sake of comedy and half-truths. When I say don’t tolerate, I can’t even hold my tongue with these type of people anymore. There is too much information to still hold the same stereotypical beliefs when it comes to minority groups. Our society has come too far in our thinking for me to even associate with a racist person. After all of that, you would think I hate cops too right? Nope, not at all. I’ve honestly thought about becoming a police officer, and still might someday. It’s an incredibly hard job. But it’s one that comes with rewards you can’t measure with in money. The joy of helping people in need is something you get constantly being a police officer. It is completely possible to be 100% pro-black, but at the same time respect the job police officers do. Our society falls flat when it comes to analyzing both sides. Deeply analyzing. Understanding black people doesn’t come from watching Boyz N’ the Hood and reading a couple of tweets. The same can be said for cops and understanding their culture. I talked about this in my Civil War II #3 review.I’ll link it at the bottom of this review. Brian Michael Bendis’ themes echo our struggle in so many ways. For those who haven’t followed, Civil War II follows an Inhuman named Ulysses. Ulysses can essentially see the future. He helps the Avengers defeat a monster in central New York. Captain Marvel thinks he can be a great asset. Tony Stark is a futurist. He thinks the future needs to just happen in order for it to be the future. So naturally, we have a conflict.

Things start off heavy in the first issue. War Machine is killed by Thanos on a mission Ulysses sends Captain Marvel and her team on. Iron Man doesn’t take this well. Ulysses then has a vision where the Hulk destroys the entire world. Everyone goes to confront the Hulk. Just as things are heating up, an arrow flies through the air. Bruce Banner is killed! Who did it? Who else but Clint Barton, Hawkeye. The trial of the century is held next. Matt Murdock is called to prosecute Hawkeye. Matt, at first tries his hardest to get Hawkeye the death penalty. But, he learns that the person who contacted him thinks she can easily control Matt to sway the case. So Matt is a key contributor in why Hawkeye is found not guilty. This sends the Marvel Universe into a tailspin. Captain Marvel continues using Ulysses for her missions. Tony Stark though, is determined to find a way around this. Something about Ulysses just doesn’t seem right to him. Usually, Tony Stark is messing up the entire world, but I see the points he has in this issue. In this issue (number 4,) Tony discusses his findings about Ulysses to his fellow heroes. He talks about Carol’s actions recently. He says she’s basically profiling people around the world. Arresting them for stuff they haven’t even done yet. The people getting arrested don’t even stand a chance. This stinks of the constant racial profiling done in our country to blacks. Recently, the Department of Justice released their findings on an investigation done on the Baltimore police department. This report is extensive (164 pages to be exact.) The main findings of the reports show the disproportionate amount of stops and searches against blacks compared to whites, while the number of arrests were pretty much equal. There are a ton of other findings in this report. I encourage anyone who doesn’t believe profiling is a thing to read it. After that though, Tony concludes that Ulysses’ visions are not fact. They are a very complex algorithm Ulysses creates in his mind of a possible future. Whether that future is 99% certain or 1% certain can’t be definitively answered. Tony then askes Captain Marvel what she thinks of his findings. She basically tells Tony to kiss her ass and flies through the ceiling of the building. At the end of that issue, Nightcrawler, teleports into an interrogation room where Captain Marvel is questioning a lady. Nightcrawler takes the lady outside. Captain Marvel walks outside and sees Tony Stark with his crew. Miles Morales, Thor, Steve Rogers, Luke Cage, the all-new X-Men, Doctor Strange, and more are behind Iron Man. Captain Marvel has SHIELD, her team, the Ultimates, Storm, Iceman, and more. Iron Man tells her to stand down because she’s outnumbered. The issue ends with the Guardians of the Galaxy flying in to help their friend, Carol.

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So now, issue #5 picks up exactly where the last one ended. The fight is on! This issue doesn’t involve any talking things out or interesting themes, just fighting. I don’t mind the fighting in this issue, I just wish I got more discussion from the characters fighting. There isn’t any previous dialogue in the main story with these characters that are fighting in this issue. It just feels like these heroes don’t really have a stake in this fight. At the same time, a bunch of heroes didn’t have a stake in the first Civil War. We start things off in this issue with Tony and Carol fighting each other. He uses some sort of stun blast on her, sending her flying. An interesting moment from Doctor Strange comes up. He entangles the X-Men in some sort of ancient magic spell. Iceman starts talking to him, and Storm breaks them out of the spell. Iceman responds by punching Strange in the face. The next encounter is between Luke Cage and Blue Marvel. I won’t pretend to be an expert on Blue Marvel. I know pretty much nothing about the character, but his banter with Luke Cage is entertaining. All of this fighting is being broadcast around the world. The next page shows Matt Murdock, Miguel O’Hara, and Mary-Jane are watching the conflict. It also shows Hawkeye walking alone in the forest. The BEST part of this issue though comes with Miles Morales. It is a direct knock on society today. Venom is fighting with Captain Marvel. He comes across Miles Morales and realizes this isn’t the Spider-Man he knows. He tells Miles that he has no right wearing the mantle of Spider-Man. Miles tells him that he isn’t a big fan of symbiotes either. But Miles lines after that are perfect. He says, “Another Spider-Man expert telling me how it should be. That was my Venom blast ‘expert’ As Venom screams from the shock, Miles says, “Buh-bye.” I cracked up at this part. Bendis is definitely hitting on societies obsession with keeping everything they way it was. This is a ludicrous way of thinking, and Miles let Venom know what he thought of it. By far, the best moment of of the issue.


Starlord and Iron Man have an interesting conversation after this. Something I can’t wait to see in the MCU during Infinity War. Vision destroys the Guardians ship soon after. Just as the battle seems to be swaying towards the Avengers, the Inhumans come to help. Ulysess’ powers start doing weird things here. His hands are extending and wrapping everyone up. It’s some sort of telepathic tendril thing I guess. Black Panther then subdues Iron Man from behind, but Captain Marvel is having none of it. She flies in like a bat out of hell. The page is drawn really well. The force Captain Marvel shows here is shown really well on the page. I can’t help but smile when Iron Man gets the crap beat out of him. This fight feels real. They have done a great job building up these two throughout this event. Iron Man is a Marvel legend now, but Captain Marvel’s development as an emotional, duty-first leader has been great. Anyways, Ulysses new abilities causes everyone to see another crazy vision. This one is brutal and truly doesn’t make any sense (proving Tony’s point to me.)

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The vision takes place on the steps of Capitol Hill. It shows a brutal image of Miles Morales standing over an impaled Steve Rogers. Implying that Miles is going to kill Captain America. The image is gruesome. It doesn’t make sense because as of right now, they are on the same team. Both of them are fighting with Iron Man. The scene was drawn beautifully. Miles dropped to his knees in despair. He almost took off his mask all the way. His nose and mouth were exposed. The tears were streaming down his face. You would think Captain Marvel would see this type of remorse and begin to question Ulysess’ powers. Hell no. She approaches a distraught Miles, and a protective Ms. Marvel, and arrests Miles. The scene hurt to read because Miles is one of the most genuine people in the Marvel Universe. I’m definitely interested in the next issue. Are they really going to arrest Miles? Someone who has shown no signs of violence and rage even remotely close to the Hulk. This profiling by Captain Marvel is getting ridiculous. I like her character and everything, but I don’t know how much longer I’d tolerate her if Miles is in a cell at the beginning of the next issue. All in all, it was a solid action-packed issue though.

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My only gripes with this issue are the build up to the fight. It has been really, really good. But the absence of development when it comes to the characters we did see fight was a bit annoying. I shouldn’t have to read tie-ins to get the full scope of the fight. Marvel is worried about money though, so I guess it’s expected. This would’ve been more interesting if the fight involved just Captain Marvel and Iron Man. Have the rest of the characters watch while the two of them beat the mess out of each other.

While the first four issues directly took from some of the civil war brewing in our own country, this issue firmly felt like a normal comic book fight. The ending was dramatic. Almost too dramatic for me. As I stated earlier, Miles is amazing. He is one of the brightest spots Marvel has had since their Secret Wars event. If they put him through hell for the next couple months, I won’t be happy. Captain Marvel needs to wake up and realize that Ulysses may need to be examined more. Especially since his powers have gotten a weird upgrade. Two former Avengers have already died during this event. We don’t need anymore.

My Civil War II #3 Review

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