Doctor Strange Trailer Review


Not going to lie, I’ve been waiting for this. I’ve been waiting to do a trailer review or movie review of something in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or as we know it, the MCU. My first two reviews were on Batman v. Superman and the Suicide Squad trailers. I love DC Comics more than Marvel comics, but I’m nervous for the future of DC movies after Batman v. Superman. Coming back to review something (even if it is just a trailer) from the MCU is absolutely refreshing. Ahhhhh!!!

So this trailer is straight to the point. We get a glimpse of who Doctor Strange is. For those of you that don’t know, Stephen Strange is a sorcerer that used to be an outstanding doctor. An accident left him unable to hold medical equipment or perform surgeries, so he falls into a deep depression filled with alcohol. He travels the world to search for a cure for his condition, but while traveling, meets a mysterious person who shows him his reality is not all it seems. Now I know it seems like I just went through what happens in the trailer above, because I did. This movie will be an origin story of who Doctor Strange is. That’s completely fine, because not many people know who he is. I’m not even an expert on him, I remember him from older comics but that’s about it.

This trailer sets the tone for another genre-themed movies from the MCU. Iron Man is very technologically savvy. I feel as though I’m watching a live demonstration of Apple’s latest product. Captain America is marvel’s attempt at a political thriller and espionage film. The Winter Soldier has a eerie feel to it with all that goes on in it, and Civil War feeds off of that energy as well. Ant-Man was their attempt at a heist film. Marvel looks to be going into a mystical type of film with this movie. It’s going to be mind-blowing at times for sure, while maintaining the energy of a MCU film. What strikes me about this trailer the most is how great it looks. The special effects so far look top notch (as they should at this point, but still, the movie doesn’t come out until November.) Benedict Cumberbatch looks like he immersed himself into the role and so did Tilda Swinton. Inception comes to mind as the type of film we might see here with Doctor Strange.

The last time I doubted the MCU, Ant-Man came out and blew me away. The last time I doubted them before that, Guardians of the Galaxy came out and catapulted itself into my top 3 superhero films ever! (Spiderman 2 and Xmen: Days of Future Past are the other ones.) I’m done doubting the MCU when it comes to these films that seem like no one should like them. I thought I would absolutely love Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 but I didn’t even like them too much. Marvel has done an amazing job introducing characters that most people don’t know about. Iron Man was a joke to me before his movie came out. Captain America was seen as corny to some who read comics. Now they were just a part of the MCU’s biggest event in Civil War.

What makes the MCU great is how everyone fits together. They’ve done a fantastic job of character development. Whenever the heroes interact with one another, their personality shines through completely. Whatever we see from a character in a previous movie, carries over into another film, unless something traumatic happens to them like Iron Man. What I mean by that is this. Take Ant-Man for example. In his movie when he had that interaction with Falcon, it was fun to watch. We got to see Ant-Man show his comical side, but also show how powerful he was. Falcon, being the good soldier he is, showed how tough he was and how resourceful he was when fighting a new opponent. The scene wasn’t long, but it was enough. Fast forward now to Civil War. When Ant-Man shows up, he’s still acting how he was when we last saw him. For all we know, Hope could have been captured or Hank Pym could be dead, but the writers maintained who Ant-Man is. As they’re introducing themselves to each other, Falcon and Ant-Man have a moment and Falcon says, “What’s up Tic-Tac?” talking to Ant-Man. This moment becomes more comical and memorable because of the tiny moment they had in Ant-Man’s movie. Falcon knows who Ant-Man is, and although he may not like him, Falcon knows a good soldier when he sees one, but he’s not going to give Ant-Man too much credit, hence  the name Tic-Tac. That’s what makes the MCU click so smoothly. This trailer indicates we’re going to go deep into Stephen Strange’s mind. How he thinks, what his beliefs are, how they’re going to change, and why he does what he does. By the end of this movie, more than likely, Doctor Strange’s personality and character will be solidified.

Now I’m stretching and this may not happen but think about when 2017 comes around. Doctor Strange isn’t planned for a second movie right now. It’s 2017 and Spider-Man: Homecoming comes out. There’s a scene in the movie where Spidey is fighting some kind of mystical creature that he can’t figure out how to beat. His webs are going through it and it only gets stronger the more he hits it. In the MCU we get great moments. I could see them having Doctor Strange come in here. He walks through a wall or something, and obliterates the creature in two seconds. Spidey is confused and their conversation goes something like this.

“Hey, what you do that for? I had it under control!” Spidey says barely hanging on to the building.

“You didn’t appear to have anything under control young one. I was simply assisting,” Strange says.

“You always talk that funny, or is that funky looking cape that makes you talk like that?” Spidey asks.

Strange scoffs.

“You know, when I was young I would have been extremely grateful for help. Even if it was my elder,” Strange says.

Spidey laughs.

“Whatever old timer. Thanks for the help, but I’m the sheriff around here. This is my city!” Spidey says as he swings into the night.

Strange sighs.

“As it is mine young one,” as he walks through the wall, disappearing.

Now that would be a cool scene. Once again, I’m stretching but it could happen. Now fast forward to Avengers: Infinity War Part 1. Doctor Strange is absolutely struggling against some of Thanos’ minions. Spidey swings through and demolishes them in two seconds. As he’s swinging onto the next batch of minions he says, “No need to thank me old timer!” Strange could nod or smile and that scene from Spider-Man: Homecoming becomes more funny and memorable. The MCU is constantly doing scenes like that.

Overall, this movie seems like it will be fun. Doctor Strange seems as if he’s going to fit perfectly in this mad world known as the MCU. It comes out November of this year, so we have some time to get excited for it. But, I’m excited anyways. Hopefully it lives up to everyone’s expectations.


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